Friday, January 6, 2012

It's been awhile... in, over a year! haha - guess I wasn't ready to really start blogging, yet. :)

With the start of the new year (is it really 2012?!), I've been re-evaluating many of the aspects of my life.  2011 had many amazing ups (getting married to the best husband ever, taking fabulous trips to Italy and Hawaii!) and a few downs (struggled with anxiety and generally feeling overwhelmed).  I'm ready to take what I learned in 2011 and make 2012 even better.


So, how do I plan to do that?  Well, let's start by ditching completely unrealistic to-do lists (a la the first post on this blog) and begin by setting a really simple goal for myself:

Do what makes me happy and be the best I can be, EVERYDAY!

I love that this goal doesn't set narrow parameters for me and allows me the freedom to make some mistakes every now and then. :)  Of course I want to accomplish the goals that I set for myself back on my 30th birthday, but those things aren't going to happen over night - and maybe not even over a year.  

So let's start with today...I'm going to make strides toward my goal by...

wait for it!

I bet you can't contain your excitement!

I'm going to be happy and be the best I can be by...

...getting this house in order!  Ok, I know, I know - not a very exciting start.  But, after an awesome trip to Hawaii (pics to soon follow) and being away for 8 days, we returned and quickly created a house full of disarray.  Is picking up the house the most amazing thing to be doing on this Friday afternoon?  Absolutely, no chance!  I do, however, know that I am a much happier person to be around when I am surrounded by a neatly organized environment.  So, picking up the house satisfies both requirements of my goal - the end result will make me happy, and I'm being the best wife I can be!

Being happy doesn't come without a little hard work :)

Can't wait for the 2012 journey ahead...

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